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Iglu Rapid Relief 8g


Unique formulation mouth ulcer gel, forming a protective barrier over mouth ulcers.

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Product Information

Unique formulation mouth ulcer gel, forming a protective barrier over mouth ulcers.


Tube packed inside outer carboard carton.


For relief of painful mouth ulcers.

Warnings or Restrictions

Ifyou use too much Iglu Rapid Relief Gel overdosage of the active ingredients is unlikely to occur because of the low concentrations used and the small pack size. Overdose may make swallowing difficult due to the loss of feeling. This may increase the risk of food or drink going down the wrong way. Generalised numbness of the mouth may also lead to biting the inside of the mouth when eating.

Product Specification

The active ingredients are Lidocaine hydrochloride (0.66 w/w) & aminoacridine hydrochloride (0.05 w/w). Other ingredients are carbomer, hydroxyprpylcellulose, white soft parrafin, liquid parrafin & peppermint oil.

Size (8) Unit (G)


Cardboard outer carton and plastic tube widely recycled.

Product Uses

Wash your hands before and after use. If you are treating several ulcers repeat steps 1 to 3 below for each one : 1/ use a clean tissue to gently remove excess moisture / saliva from the ulcer area. 2/ squeeze a small quantity of Iglu gel onto a clean dry fingertip or cotton bud & then apply it directly to the ulcer using a single gentle wiping action. 3/ at first the product may seem quite pasty & sticky, but after contact with saliva, the product will form a flexible and adhesive gel coating over and around the ulcer area. Re-apply the gel following steps 1 to 3 above as necessary.


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